Celebs with a crush on feet, Popular since Ages ...

Brad Pitt thanked the feet of his co-stars and Quentin Tarantino for exposing them, in his award acceptance speech at the 26th SAG Awards, in the film ‘Once upon a Time in Hollywood’. Quentin Tarantino, himself, made sure that feet are an important and artistic part in all his films, thus making them iconic. Andy Warhol has taken feet and shoes as inspiration for his work.

Advertising with feet and celebrities

NOEM - Milk Ad

Heidi Klum - Katjes Sweets

Cathrine Zeta-Jones - Alfa Romeo

Sienna Miller, Van Waldstetten - Vöslauer

Anna Veith - Rauch , tempur

RÖmerquelle - Feet and Shoes

Agent Provocateur - Foot Erotic series

Different Ads with feet and Heels